Alexandr Vondra, Minister of Defense

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Alexander Vondra, Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic, was on a short visit to Tatra on October 12. He was welcomed by Ronald Adams, the company’s Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO. The subsequent meeting with the company top management also included a company presentation containing, among other information, an overview of products which are currently being offered by our company both in domestic and overseas markets. The presentation was given by General Pavel Štefka, Director of International Defense Programs at Tatra. The Minister Vondra was informed by the company management of how many Tatra vehicles had been purchased by the Czech Republic Army during individual years. The Army’s vehicle fleet is, in fact, currently based on Tatra trucks, except for a few old V3S vehicles. It is good for the Minister to be informed on the current situation at the Tatra company instead of being provided only with media information primarily focused on layoffs of the company staff. During his visit to Tatra, the Minister himself had the opportunity to see that we had developed a lot of new products. It is, for example, a new 8x8 heavy-duty recovery vehicle which is the result of a project carried out in cooperation with a Polish company. The truck was awarded a special prize at the exhibition in Kielce, the participants of which also included our competitors with similar products.

uring his visit to our company, the Minister Vondra stated that Tatra was, still is, and will remain an important supplier of the Czech Republic Army also in the future because people at Tatra are able to ensure special supplies tailored to Army’s needs, which are always demanded. Of course, these are smaller volumes compared to, for example, the contract for middle T810 trucks performed during the prior three years. “That three-year contract for T810 vehicles significantly helped keep the company afloat. Moreover, it was a good reference for company’s activities abroad as it would open the door for the company to do business in Arabic countries, for instance. The acquisition for the Army has been an important promotional move for Tatra, as well as for its successful participation in various tenders abroad. Management must be able to utilize that success,“ said Alexander Vondra, who, in conclusion of his visit to Tatra, saw a display of special Tatra vehicles which are currently being offered by our company on the market.

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