12:57:58 Alusil
12:54:25 D.A. bavlnene strumpfle PLEAS
15:19:14 Alusil Pleas kdo si tady říz ??
12:16:42 D.A. now try the Ecorra for example
12:16:16 D.A. in Czech Mototechna shops back in the 50´s
20:21:29 BunsenHoneydew Hi - wondering about parts availability for T600's - for example, where could i get replacement steering tie-rod ends please?
11:28:57 D.A. kokoszka
22:31:51 koshkasexy
18:47:36 D.A. Only in case that you like fitness, motorcycles and animals.
11:05:17 losdavid Does a engien with gearbox from a 613 fit in a 603 from 62 ?
18:29:02 D.A. the producer has for sure
10:21:01 allaahelaal hay people nobody to help here
10:17:03 allaahelaal
10:16:39 allaahelaal anyone have a workshop manual for T810 armoud trucks
20:37:24 D.A. Think about yourself seriously
20:36:56 D.A. Do you like fitness, own a motorcycle and suffer from bugs?
19:59:05 D.A. a eto bylo vsjo
19:58:55 D.A. kudá, vy idiote
19:58:40 D.A. na oná postajála i skazála
19:58:21 D.A. Miloš tože chatěl němnóžko sprasíť
08:49:44 D.A. vnimanje, vnimanje ja uze sprasil vasu zenu
22:19:13 D.A. no ja ne prodavlju
14:59:12 Grander Куплю Т87
14:56:10 Alusil já kakaju
18:50:23 D.A. congratulations
22:17:25 Miloš seru ja seru ja! uzjsemvysral vsecko..
14:30:37 Iulian29 Hello and Happy New Year!
21:44:58 D.A. how´s going in Vyšné Vlkodlaky (Beowulf Heights)?
21:41:28 D.A. greetings to Michal Nesvadba
21:40:03 D.A. yes of course my friend.
19:42:35 Tefrus Can anyone help me with the name of a tatra model ?
19:42:01 Tefrus Hi
14:54:49 D.A. Let's talk about V8s, baby
18:38:54 D.A. haya
09:50:51 Fish0979 Hello!
22:15:10 TatraPL Hi there. I'm on the forum Tatra new user, I'm Polish, and my name is Leszek. For some time preparing for Tatra to go on the road but do not have the technical data to set the geometry of the front and rear suspension. Do any of you have the specifications for the suspension settings? Regards Leszek
22:17:06 Antonio I'm here to have your help ... I have to restore a 603 v8 engine, and I need spare parts ... help me thanks
22:13:16 Antonio hello to all