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2016-08-31 16:55:05 Ignition

You're welcome.

Inside older T603 were also used 12V ignition coils, but this was used together with mechanic contact breaker. This can be little confusing...

I don't think, that the electronic switch is damaged, but you (or technician) can check it. I think because of more turns on ,,primary" side of ignition coil, the voltage on secondary side was only lower value, and no sparks was visible.

Check the diodes to be sure (but when voltage was above 300V they will be fine), and the capacitors near the thyristor. But unboxing of the electronic switch can be little tricky - better do not unscrew the input/output terminals, because it will twist the wires, but only take some pictures first and then desolder them.

Be careful not to injury because of higher voltage; after turning switch on, It will produce hearable sound tone, but I'm sure you are familiar with this.

Good luck :)

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