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2010-05-21 15:10:09

Hello again, i am the owner of a Tatra Truck the T138 model form 1972. I want to sell it and i want if it is possible to find out how much does it worth. I want to sell it in Romania. Thank you in advance !

P.S. : i can provide more informations about the car if someone can help me

2010-05-21 15:59:06


2010-05-22 08:44:46

Can i buy one in your contry for this price ? Thank you

2010-05-24 12:30:45

The prices in the Czech republic are anywhere between 5 000 E and 25 000 E depending on the state of the car.

S3 tipper in perfect condition discarded by army can be bought at prices of about 10 000E. But Army doesn't care much about the selling price of T138 especially when they are getting new T815-7s now.

2010-05-24 16:22:21

Thank you very much for your answer

2010-07-17 21:51:54

Sibip: don´t worry, try scrapyards/sales points by Teplice, Prague... I´ve seen plenty of T138´s and T148´s for 25.000 - 30.000 CZK there .

They were optically in much better conticion than this blue one .

2011-11-20 16:42:21

HI Fellow tatra owners i have a T2-603 and need information on buying secondhand parts and a good mechanic garage to take my engine can anyone help