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2016-04-18 17:03:57

Hi am renovating a Tatra 613-4 motor but i am missing the electrical unit sitting in connection with the distributer does any one know ware to buy that unit i have all ready been searching the net in English. But nothing was found. Do you now were to look ?

2016-04-19 14:35:13

losdavid: Hello! It is very difficult to correspond through translator)). I do not understand, do you want to repair, or to find a block? It's just that I have his scheme.

2016-04-19 20:34:12

fish0979: look at my picture

2016-04-20 08:58:36

Hi losdavid, it is a very common spare part in CZ, every Tatra garage should have it. Search for an Electronic ignition unit - in Czech: 'elektronicke zapalovani', or 'tyristorove zapalovani', 'tyristor'.

2016-04-20 09:38:15

losdavid: Hello! In Russia, we want you, I would have helped. And in the Czech Republic, I think it is easy to find. Good luck with your Tatras! Nice car!

2016-05-15 07:41:09

d.a.: Hi D.A

The words in CZ was most help fuld i have not yet found any supplier there have answered my request, could you give some link to were i could buy my ignition/electrial components ?

2016-05-15 10:23:06

losdavid: Hi, here is a company S.O.S. Tatra in Brno - Mr. Roman Dvoracek. He has got a web page and can source almost everything for the T613. Hope he will help you.