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T603 workshop manual in English

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2016-07-12 02:07:54


I am looking for a 1971 T603 workshop manual in English. Can anyone help?



2016-08-11 14:51:26

jh1412: I have info from the service manual translated to English last week but so far only the engine & gearbox sections have been done. I didn't do the bit about balancing the crankshaft. Just send it away to a pro.

I will put it in the Tatra Club library right now. Alec.

2016-08-21 06:57:38

velvetrevolution: Hi Alec. Thanks for the service information. Could you advise the best fuel to run and the octane rating. In Australia we have 91,95, 98 RON. Thanks. Jeff

2016-08-21 21:51:59

jh1412: Well mine doesn't run yet but it started fine before the stripdown using pump fuel, unleaded. I don't know the BS / EN number off the top of my head. The guy who did the valve seats told me they are hard enough to deal with unleaded.

2016-08-21 22:37:38

Thanks Alec, I have an 89 Skoda Estelle which runs ok on 95 unleaded with a splash of valve protector every now and then. I'll give that a go.



2016-12-21 00:54:00

Hi Jeff. There is a guy in Australia called Craig Semple who probably has one. Email me at and I'll put you in touch.