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Tatra model ?

Forum General talking Tatra model ?

2015-12-31 19:45:58


Can anyone help me with the name of this tatra model ?

2015-12-31 21:03:54

T57b, tuzing.


2016-01-01 11:48:53

From what I see this is not a T57b...

The headlights are mounted in the wings not over them...

2016-01-01 13:23:33

OMG, that is a home made bastard, a perfect scrapyard candidate in such condition.

2016-01-01 18:06:11

I'm sure those are not home made...

2016-01-03 11:10:50

tefrus: And it is 100% sure that Tatra did not build this ugly frog. What now?

2016-01-03 13:00:51

O don't think is that model...

2016-01-04 18:00:46

tefrus: Correct, actually it used to be. What is it now, I do not know. Appropriate words are missing. Until you find the builder of this creature. Any known history?

2016-01-04 19:06:17

I know only that the car is 100% original...

2016-01-04 20:52:14

... made by which company?

2016-01-04 21:35:35

The owner told me that the car is a 37 Tatra. I can check the car this week and add more picture so we can establish the model. Thanks agaian.

2016-01-05 14:25:48

Thanks for the interes to found this tatra car hystory. This car was build in 1937, have a Boxer motor in front. Somebody say me this Tatra can be Tatra 321 model.

2016-01-05 14:28:40

Thats pictures is not at my home, is on my granda, who lives in a village. I know that cars isn't in a good condtion, but i wan't to know if that car have value because i wan't to restore.

2016-01-06 07:06:12

iulian29: It is not an original Tatra body, I am sorry. In my opinion the best way is to find the Chassis No and ask Tatra museum for some data. They will be able to tell you original model - highly probable T57.