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2012-03-03 06:54:40

In June, of the last year we were introduced to a demure young lady, as a part of a video clip entitled:

"TATRA 603 at Goodwood."

"WOW, Is she grand...the car, too!

"What was that at 1:10??", someone asked. "Well, if it wasn't something orange/black, then it was "THE TATRA GIRL". She's a huge...a, fan! (which is only fair, as she herself is huge and has many fans...including, apparently, the ladies at the very end.)"

She was soon to become known, World-Wide!...and gave momentum to a series of "T-girl" festival's and competitions. The latest one having just been celebrated:

""TATRA GIRL" Beach Bash (2012)...:

SANDWICHED IN BETWEEN the two above links are 5 pages of other Tatra clips and Stories...also.

Hristos Anesti!